The Ask Direct Fundraising Summer School

Sofie Redzematovic

Sofie Redzematovic

Since 2007 I have worked at the Heart-Lung Foundation, specialising in donor loyalty.

My educational background is in direct marketing, project management, strategic marketing and behavioural science.

My ambition is to put the donor at the centre of all our work, to make sure that the donor’s wishes are met. Do we know what we need to know, and do we use what we know to optimize our communication? I look for and eliminate obstacles in our processes, see patterns in the donor’s behaviour and aspire to exceed their expectations.

Session Description: Why data in the foundation for a loving relationship

You are sitting on a gold mine of data, but you might not even know it! Listen to my story of how we changed our communication based on what we discovered when looking really, really closely at our database. And what love has to do with it.