The Ask Direct Fundraising Summer School

Matthew Sherrington

Matthew Sherrington Consultant & Coach, Inspiring Action

Matthew has over 25 years’ experience of charity fundraising, communications and leadership, including with Oxfam, Greenpeace USA and EveryChild.

He now consults and coaches through his consultancy Inspiring Action with charities big and small, in the UK and internationally.

He is a charity trustee, a volunteer fundraiser, a regular blogger for Third Sector and the 101Fundraising crowd-blog, and involved in both the IoF Fundraising Convention Board and the Commission on the Donor Experience.

His guiding principle is inspiring people to action, through communications and leadership. He has a particular interest in supporter engagement, joining the dots between fundraising, communications, culture and organisation strategy. A good story does that really well!

Twitter @m_sherrington

Session Description: Let your Supporters be Superheroes (by getting your story straight).

People increasingly want to be engaged and involved in the causes they support. But non-profit charities generally talk about themselves – “who we are and what we do” - like the bore at a party.

Too much to say, and thinking everything is important and people should know about it all. It matters to get your story straight if it’s to interest and engage others. People though, are becoming more detached from institutions, trusting less, but with greater expectations.

They want to know more about the difference they can make. People, after all, are the hero, not you. So how do you make sure you put your supporters in the story?