The Ask Direct Fundraising Summer School

Kevin Schulman

Kevin Schulman

Kevin Schulman is the founder of DonorVoice, a donor experience company serving non-profits in the US, Canada, UK, Europe and Australia. Before founding DonorVoice, Kevin was CEO of a modeling and analytics company.

Kevin developed the Commitment Model, the only model in the sector that measures the strength of the donor relationship and assigns a financial value to the charity specific touchpoints, messages and interactions that cause loyalty and giving behavior.

Kevin’s work with DonorVoice is the foundation for the number one, best-selling fundraising book, “Retention Fundraising, The New Art and Science of Keeping Your Donors for Life.”

He has a Master’s Degree in Survey Methodology and Bachelor’s degrees in Economics and Sociology from The University of Virginia.

Session Description: The Science of Donor-centricity: Why It Is Your Path to Growth

Increasing communication volume has diminishing returns and creates donor irritation that makes retention worse. But just sending less is a short-term, one-trick pony, at best. We need a different answer and different questions. Enter the latest buzzword: donor-centricity.

Is there anything to it? Is it just copy changes and a few more no-ask communications? At present, perhaps. But this idea of building a business around donor motivations, needs and understandings has merit. In fact, building a business around understanding why donors give and why they stop is your best path to growth.

In this session we’ll cover,

  • Challenges of the current fundraising model
  • The science of philanthropy – why do people give?
    • Identity
    • Strength of relationship
  • The science of philanthropy – why do people stop giving?
    • Bad experiences
  • Putting it all together: a case study in donor-centricity