The Ask Direct Fundraising Summer School

Kay Sprinkel Grace

Kay Sprinkel Grace

Kay Sprinkel Grace, FAFP, Principal of Transforming Philanthropy, LLC in San Francisco, serves clients locally, nationally and globally.

She is the author of seven books: Beyond Fundraising (2nd Edition, 2005), Over Goal!, The Ultimate Board Member’s Book, Fundraising Mistakes That Bedevil All Boards( and Staffs, Too!), The AAA Way to Fundraising Success and The Busy Volunteer’s Guide to Fundraising. She is the co-author, with the late Alan Wendroff, of High Impact Philanthropy.

Kay speaks regularly at international conferences in Europe, North America and Australia. Her recent clients include the pubic media companies KQED, OPB and KPBS; Smuin Ballet (San Francisco); Opportunity Fund; Djerassi Resident Artists Program; National AIDS Memorial; and others.

In 2013, she was awarded the Henry A. Rosso Medal for lifetime achievement in ethical fundraising from the Lilly Family School of Philanthropy at Indiana University, and in 2016 she was named in the first group of Distinguished Fellows by AFP.

Session Description: Colouring Outside the Borders: Why We Must Be Bold and Nimble Risk Takers

Once upon a time, we were the only sector directing charitable work inspired by philanthropic ideas. But times have changed. Across the globe, we have seen the emergence of new partners impatient for results. Corporations, foundations, associations and local governments want to join us in solving the critical problems confronting our communities: social inequities, chronic and critical health issues, expanded access to the arts and education and a widened perspective of possibility in the human experience.

And they are doing so in increasing numbers. But is our sector willing and equipped to be an equal partner? Do we move and think fast enough? Are we courageous risk takers? Do our organizational structures support a commitment to be bold and nimble? Our new partners question whether we are positioned to make the changes to which we say we aspire. Do we dare to dream and think big or are we tethered by fear and hesitancy that preserve practices which may in fact no longer be relevant? Do our current and potential partners look to us for inspiration from our vast experience, or do they believe we should step aside so they can address all issues with greater alacrity and fewer restraints?

Kay Sprinkel Grace, our opening plenary speaker, believes deeply in our sector and the role it can and must play with new partners in setting a vigorous and bold agenda for the future. But she also believes we are at a significant crossroads in the future of our sector. Much is now in our hands. Her ideas will inspire you and launch our bold two-day journey.