The Ask Direct Fundraising Summer School

John Lepp

John Lepp

Agent John is a long time marketer, designer and ranter.

Agent Jen calls him "authentic". Others may not be so kind. The truth is, John wears his heart on his sleeve and when provoked will wave his hands and raise his voice an octave as he voices his frustration and opinions. And a blog post may even come of it.

Session Description: How You Can Become Dale's Favourite Charity

With Tom Ahern

What does it take for you to become Dale's favourite charity? What can you do to make it into Dale's inner circle of annual giving? And...who is this Dale person anyway?!

You can find out by joining Tom Ahern and John Lepp for this incisive and insightful presentation on how to transform your donor communications and direct response campaigns into real, donor-loving conversations with your donors--and why that's the key to Dale's heart!