The Ask Direct Fundraising Summer School

Claire Routley

Claire Routley

Dr Claire Routley has worked in fundraising for fourteen years for charities including Bible Society, Age UK, WRVS and a local hospice.

In 2015, she joined the faculty at the University of Plymouth Hartsook Centre for Sustainable Philanthropy as a research fellow. Her research to date has focused on why people choose to leave legacies to charity and particularly the role of symbolic immortality in giving.

She is also a tutor for the Institute of Fundraising’s qualification courses, a consultant specialising in legacy and in memory fundraising and a member of Rogare’s international advisory panel. She was recently named AFP’s emerging scholar 2017.

Session Description: The who, what, why and when of legacy giving

In many Western countries, the value of legacy giving is predicted to grow dramatically over the next few decades as the babyboomer generation begins to pass away.

However, still, only a small proportion of people give in this way. If we want to maximise the possibilities of legacy giving we need to understand more about the decision, and how we can craft our fundraising in a way that meets donors’ needs.

This session will focus on what research can tell us about legacy giving, and how this can translate into effective fundraising practice.