The Ask Direct Fundraising Summer School

Alan Clayton

Alan Clayton

Alan is Creative Director of Revolutionise, based in Australia, Finland, Norway, Denmark, Holland, the UK, Canada and the USA, and working with clients in many more countries.

He is also Managing Partner at the Inch Hotel and Inspiration Centre, Loch Ness, Scotland and board chair at Karat Marketing in Dunfermline. Alan has previously held major fundraising and leadership posts and served as Chief Executive Officer of three fundraising agencies.

One of the leading consultants, coaches, creative directors and inspirational speakers on the world circuit, Alan has worked with over 320 non-profit clients around the world. His specialisms are emotional behaviour, board and executive team development, creative strategy, donor insight and motivation and he has published much original research and theory.

Alan’s other area of work is as a trainer, coach and professional speaker, working globally. He is a keen mountaineer, powerboat skipper and golfer and has a reputation for insight, inspiration and for saying things others don’t dare to.

Session Description: Thinking Big: but how big is big?

Big ambition drives big fundraising, no surprise there.  But what is the best kind of ambition for an organisation to have to facilitate Great Fundraising growth?

Alan and his team have researched this question and the results are inspiring, if a little surprising.  In this session Alan will explain what kinds of ambitions work for fundraisers, how to create them and, most importantly, how to get the whole organisation to buy in.

You will learn how to unblock the internal conflicts that so often stifle fundraising and fundraisers and create communications that invigorate and commit your donor base.