The Ask Direct Fundraising Summer School

Adrian O'Flynn

Adrian O'Flynn

Adrian is no stranger to the Ask Direct office, having helped us with the daunting task of Fundraising via Facebook.

He was the Digital Fundraising Manager at Concern Worldwide and now works with charities in Ireland, England and the US. He specialises in connecting donors to beneficiaries on Facebook. And, as his results will show, once some trust has been established, the fundraising can begin.

His consultancy company is called Get Your Stories Straight.

Session Description: Facebook Fundraising: Trust First, Fundraise Second.

There's a tried-and-trusted approach to fundraising. It still works well in some channels, but fails miserably online. This isn't the internet's fault. It's our fault for expecting the world to work the way it did in 1968.

This session is about a necessary paradigm shift. One I stumbled across while testing stories on Facebook. I believe it's the key to recruiting donors in the 21st Century. And it can be summarised in four words... trust first, fundraise second.